FAQ - Troubleshooting

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Here's the basic question about PC gaming oft-asked questions:

Q: My game file the form. ISO,. NRG,. cue,. mds,. ccd, how to install it?
A: Extension of the above files are image disc. Use the Image Reader program like daemon-tools, alcohol 120%, or any other reply. Mount the game file in which you use the program.

Q: How do I use daemon-tools?
A: After installation is complete, look in the right corner, there are signs of red lightning. Right click on the sign and select -> Emulation -> All Option on. Notice, Lightning sign changed to green color!
After that, right click once again select Options -> Check the Secure Mode and In Use Check.
Next, select Virtual CD / DVD Rom and select Mount image of the desired file.

Q: I have successfully installed the game, but it appears the message: "Please Insert the original game. I have mounted the game file to the virtual disk, but the message still appears!
A: Open the game file that you have download and find the folder labeled "crack" there. Copy-Paste all you had inside that folder to game installation directory. For example in C: \ Program Files \ .....

Q: HELP! there is no folder "crack" in the game file that I download!
A: Try to check, whether there is a folder with the words like Reloaded, Vitality, Deviance in the files that you downloaded? If there's a folder "crack", crack for the game is in that folder.

Q: I do not find the Serial Numbers on the game file.
A: Please check inside the crack folder, if there are files with extensions .nfo. Then open the .nfo file using a text editor (Notepad, Wordpad, Microsoft Word, etc) and find whether there exist Serial Numbers. Or, find the file that ends in .exe, but the file is not a crack, usually that file is a key generator for the games.

Q: I have downloaded the game but there are many files in it and ends in .001, .002, .003, etc. how do I install it?
A: First, download HJSplit, run the program and select JOIN. Choose where you would put the output of the joined file. if it is done then install the game.

Q: I have downloaded the game files but there are many files in it and ends in part1.rar, part2.rar, part3.rar so how do I install it?
A: You need WinRAR to file like this. Install WinRar then select the file that ends in part1.rar, then right click and select where you want to ekstract the file!

Q: I have downloaded the game files but there are many files in it and ends in. rar,. r00,. r01,. r02, so how do I install it?
A: You need WinRAR to file like this. Install WinRar then select the file that ends in. rar, then right click and select where you want to ekstract the file!

Q: I have downloaded the game file but the file inside the game there are many and ends .ace, .A00, .a01, .A02, so how do I install it?
A: You need WinAce to file like this. Install WinAce then select the file that ends in .ace, then right click and select where you want to ekstract the file!

Q: Why I can not run a certain game? Could not get into the game or get hang/crash  in the middle of the game? Though the installation is correct and cracked.
A: There may be a problem on your VGA driver. try to check the sites your VGA driver if you're already using the latest reply and if your VGA able to run the game.
For VGA nvidia-check here
For VGA ATI check here
For VGA intel-check here

Q: Why do I often thrown to the desktop when playing a game? Is there something wrong with my windows system?
A: There are several possible causes for problems like this. The first possibility is a program that runs in the background, for example there is Yahoo! Messenger, Anti Virus, Download Manager, etc. Please check what programs are running in the background and disable the program before you play the game. The second possibility is the game itself that has a bug. Not a few games that has a bug that can cause you to thrown to the desktop when you're playing these games, like Viva Pinata for example. To address this immediately find the patch from the game and install.

Q: I installed games like Gears of War, Universe At War, but I am having problems with the game. whereas there is no problem with my PC system.
A: These games are using Windows LIVE. For those who use Windows XP, try to install the latest version of Windows LIVE here.To know games that use WINDOWS LIVE please check here.

Q: I have installed the game from cd / dvd, but installation can not be resolved?
A: Try to copy-paste the contents of the cd / dvd to your hard drive and install from your hard disk. if in the process you find the message "CRC Read Error" means the copy process of the CD/DVD is not perfect. Solution?! Return it to the seller and ask for exchange with the new CD /DVD. :D

Q: I have downloaded the game files, but the crack that came in it was detected as a virus by my antivirus. What's the solution?
A: Probably it is a false alarm by your Anti Virus(AVG most often). To overcome this, there are two solutions:
  1. Turn off your Anti Virus, then you copy-paste the crack of this, or
  2. Download the new crack! Try searching on google for a different group of crack maker. For example: If a crack is detected as a virus is the output Reloaded, then download the the output Vitality, Razor 1911, or any other group.
Q: Where can I download the crack for a game?!
A: Try search on google.

Q: I have a VGA which supports DirectX 10. However, why was I not able to turn on DirectX 10 features on the games that I play? I am using Windows XP.
A: Note Windows XP only supports DirectX up to version 9.0 only. DirectX 9.0 is the last one is DirectX 9.0.c . If you want to turn on DirectX 10 features, please use Windows Vista.

Q: Can I install DirectX 10 on Windows XP?
A: No! But now there are many parties who make DirectX 10 to run on Windows XP environment (not a project from Microsoft). If you find a DirectX 10 who claimed to run on Windows XP, you should not install it, because it can cause crashes on your windows, in addition to their performance will not be able to match DirectX 10 on Windows Vista.

Q: Do I need to update my DirectX to the latest version?
A: YES! In the latest games, usually requires you to install DirectX latest output (note the month and year). Required DirectX version which is usually already available in the game in question. If not provided, please visit the Microsoft website to download the latest version of DiretX.

Q: Help! My DirectX experience problems after updating DirectX. Can I uninstall it and install DirectX again with a new one?
A: You can uninstall your DirectX using DirectX uninstaller programs like DirectX Happy Uninstall for example. DirectX Happy Uninstall itself has support up to DirectX 10.0. If you use Windows XP and want to Unistall your DirectX 9.0, other than using DirectX Happy Uninstall, you can also use dx9uninstaller which is a small and free program.

Q: Does my computer system able to run a particular game?
A: Please check the minimum requirements for the game. Or, visit the following sites to see if your system is capable of running the game: www.systemrequirementslab.com or www.yougamers.com.

Q: I have another question but i cant find it here?!
A: Type your question in google search, when i have a problem with my games and i need answers, i often ask google my self, hope this help.